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ONPL is keen to contribute in nation bulding projects, a dedicated unit of experts is set for government tendering in J&K and Noida.

FM Statement:
“India will invest as much as Rs5.97 trillion in creating and upgrading infrastructure in the next financial year,
finance minister Arun Jaitley said in his budget speech on Thursday. Infrastructure development has been one of the focus areas of the
Narendra Modi government. Starting with an allocation of around Rs1.81 trillion in 2014-15, expenditure towards infrastructure
reached Rs4.94 trillion in 2017-18. “Our country needs massive investments estimated to be in excess of Rs50 lakh crore in infrastructure
to increase growth of GDP, connect and integrate the nation with a network of roads, airports, railways, ports and inland waterways
and to provide good quality services to our people,” Jaitley said.


Completed Projects

1-completed-project-cricket pavellion sports comlex greater noida

Cricket pavellion sports complex

2-completed-project-admission building gautam buddha university

Addmition building  gautam buddha university

3-completed-project-international center gbu greater noida

International center GBU greater noida

By Pass, Jammu, J&K915000 Sq ft
Royal Nest SappireTerrace Garden, Jog Track, Fiine Dine, Laundry, Parlor, Butlor, Sauna, House Keep
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